A Victorian mansion hidden in the heart of Llandaff, Cardiff

We are on our way to achieving the £5m needed to restore the House and develop a vibrant community hub in The Stables area, with a community hall and centres for both young and older people.

To contact the Trust about a donation please email info@insolecourt.co.uk

  • Insole Court was built in 1856 by James Harvey Insole

    Insole Court 1909 © William Clarke of Llandaff

  • James Harvey Insole owned Cymmer Colliery in the Rhondda Valley

    Cymmer Colliery, Porth, Rhondda, 1908

  • James Harvey Insole

    © Mrs Diana Cory

  • James Harvey and Marian Insole, c.1898

    © Glamorgan Archives

  • The Stables in disrepair

  • The upstairs library has a fine gothic ceiling in need of restoration

  • The upstairs rooms are in disrepair

  • Artist's impression of the renewed Stables

  • Artist's impression of the renewed house and grounds